Services Provided

Program Services - The BruSon Group, Inc., provides an array of services to adults( 18 and older ) and children/adolescents ages(10-18)who are experiencing behavioral and/or emotional problems, and to their families. All family members are involved in the treatment plan. Interventions may take place in the family's own living environment, community or as an alternative in Residential Level II or Level III homes.

Intensive In Home Services
Intensive in Home Services addresses the identified needs of children and adolescents who are transitioning from out of home placements or are at risk of out-of-home placement and need intensive interventions to remain stable in the community. The service is delivered primarily to youths in their family’s home with a family focus to diffuse current crisis, evaluate its nature and intervene to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence, to ensure linkage to needed community services and resources, provide self help and living skills training for youth, provide parenting skills training to help the family ,build skills consistent with youth’s disorder, monitor and manage the presenting psychiatric and addiction symptoms and work with caregivers in the implementation of home based behavioral supports

Outpatient Therapy
This support service offers psychotherapy sessions to individuals, couples and families dealing with family conflict, emotional and behavioral challenges, and with additional symptom managements as identified .

Clinical Assessments
This service provides a clinical based evaluation of an individual's mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability status offering recommendations for ongoing treatment and services.

Peer Support
A service provided for individuals in a psychiatric hospital, who live in the community, considering discharge or have been recently discharged. For consumers that have been hospitalized for long periods of time and have high rates of hospital re- admissions ,we provide recovery services to restore hope. This is a voluntary program.

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